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Updated Look at Feel for It’s A Short Contest Page Flow
Client wanted users to immediately see contest movie entries as soon as they entered on to the site. On the right you can see the existing site where you initially click on a contest then get videos below you would see all contest videos as soon as you enter the contest page and be able to navigate to individual contests from the page via link.
Name: Jim
Age: 34
Profession: Film Director
Race: Caucasian
Country: US
State: GA
Jim is navigating through his Facebook feed when he sees an ad on his timeline to enter into a film making contest with itsashort.com. Upon clicking the link he is immediately brought to the contest page where he sees other entries as well as a link for him to enter the contest as well.  Immediately he is able to view other films that are is competition as well as click the link to enter into the contest.